2010 Schweser notes

I have 2010 Schweser notes… should i use those and read the material which is not available in these notes from CFA curriculum or purchase 2011 Schweser notes? What do you guys think?

You can use schweser 2010, the notes are absolutely the same as 2011 except for some additional los or reading that you need to refer from the NEW CFAI books

thank you for the information

They are alomst the same except for few changes which are done by the CFAI http://www.finquiz.com/cfa_level_1_curriculum_changes_2010_2011 This above link shows the changes in the curriculum from 2010 to 2011. Schweser 2010 notes will be based on 2010 curriculum. Note the changes and try reading them from CFAI books.

There are a lot of changes in QM, FRA and CF. PM and Equity are totally different. Get the updated notes.

Thank you … :slight_smile:

there are changes in 2010 and 2011 notes of scheweser,i would recommend you if your planning to sit for Dec attempt then why to take a risk,highly prefered to follow 2011 notes.

I took the exam in Dec 10 and then again this June. I would strongly suggest you get a new set of notes.

Yup i got new notes…it is too much hassle and why take a chance. The only thing i am worried about is that i will be working and will have only weekends to study. My background is finance so i think i should be able to manage it. Just registered today…any one knows of a quiet place to study which would be open on weekends till late night in NY/NJ area?I can’t stud at Starbucks or any other cafe too much always going on and i can’t study at home…