2010 Schweser Notes

Hi everyone,

I am taking the Level I exam in December. I have the Schweser Notes from 2010. Is it worth getting the new ones for the December 2012 exam or will the 2010 version be sufficient. I plan on using the 2010 Schweser notes, in addition to the 2012 CFAI EOC Summaries and EOC questions.

What do you think?

Thanks for the help.

That’s crazy to be honest. I strongly advise you to get the 2012 notes!

Hey gb33, I would strongly advise you against using the 2010 Schweser notes as major sections of the curriculum have changed over time. Relating just to the 2011 curriculum, the 2012 curriculum had a majorly revamped Economics section as well as changes in other sections. So, considering that you will be using the 2010 material I would expect a lot of differences with the 2012 curriculum.

If you have access to the 2012 CFAI material then you have the option of studying that instead of the 2010 Schweser material.

Safest way is to read the 2012 CFAI, and do the EOC. If you underline as you go, you might as well create your own Schweser '12 notes. haha

The 2010 ones might still be of use in some sections (mainly PM, Derivs, CorpFin and some Equity). Ethics shouldn’t have changed much either; then again, you need to read the official material for Ethics either way. Econ was substantially re-written for 2012, so unless you have some background it’s gonna be tough to rely on Schweser alone. FRA is a mixed bag in terms of changes, but because it’s a heavy-weight topic you need to rely on CFAI. My two cents. Good luck.