2010 Schweser Practice Exams, Book 2

I know that in the past the 2nd book has proved to be increasingly difficult compared to the first (I noticed this especially last year for Lvl 1). This year the questions seem rather similar, albeit occationally difficult/mundane answers, yet comparable to the CFAi Mock/Schweser Live Mock. While the 1st Book seems rather easy vs the CFAi material. Anyone been seeing ~5-10% worse scoring on Book 2 this year? Gl team.

I def seen higher volatility in my grades… test 1 am 72 - pm didn’t finish too difficult or just not concentrating but I already had 20 wrong and only had a few more to answer … but I still feel like it brings something to the table.

feel it’s more tricky but it really offers me deeper and more flexiable understanding. test 1 am 76%

Test 1 was much harder for me especially the PM I pulled 73% where I was at around 80% the last test on book 1. I found very little softballs on this exam.

Does Book 2 come with the Schweser study notes? Cause In my package, I only got the first book.

My scores are tight about a 74-75% average. I did, however for the first time, almost not finish all the questions in the 3 hour session period on Vol 2, Exam 2 AM. I got a 70%.

Book 7 suffers from diminishing marginal returns. the avg return from one of those more difficult questions comes at a higher cost, time.

Can anyone confirm if Book 6 is easier vs. CFAI mock or 2009 test?

Once again Before you bang your head against the wall for an hour (like I have a few times) while reviewing please check Errata. For book 2 Exam 1 there are 4 Questions that have problems 3 of which are questions I marked wrong.