2010 vs 2011 mock

Anyone who has taken both 2010 and 2011 CFA mocks, are they both about the same level of difficulty? Anyone who took last year’s CFA mock AND exam, were they both about the same level of difficulty?

I thought the 2010 mock, the actual 2010 exam and the 2011 mock were all similarly difficult. The only problem is that there is very little consistency in the actual material that is actually tested. About the only things I’m fully expecting to be on there are pension, some FCFF/FCFE problems, current/temporal questions, and some questions on acquisition/equity method. Those are the item sets that have been on all three exams.

I think 2010 mock was easier than 2011 mock. However i have to agree with KSTHANE, on all exams i find FCFF/FCFE, pension, current/temporal, and some apt/multifactor questions in 2009-2010-201 mocks and most schweser. This is my first time in level 2 so i can’t tell about the difficulty of last year’s exam.

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