2011 - 2012 L3 LOS differences

Please send me the page where I can get the differences in LOSs


Thanks ATH

Is it me, or does there seem to be a lot of differences. Failed Level 3 band 9. Not too happy at the moment.

Major change seems to be the 3 new readings for SS-3 Behavioral Finance which replaces the 7 short readings in 2011. Also, the reading on Goals based investing? is removed for 2012. So net, 5 readings less than in 2011. Other than that, some wording changes for some LOSs.


If you actually peruse that link, you’ll see that not much has changed. The exception is that Behavioral Finance has been completely reorganized. The gist of it is going to be very similar, but this is the only section where you’ll have to get new material. To my best figuring, the following 3 LOS have been removed: a) Evaluate the sensitivity of equity market value estimates to changes in assumptions. b) Explain the market opportunities that may be exploited to earn excess returns in derivative markets that are otherwise zero-sum games. c) Recommend and justify the risk exposures an analyst should report as part of an enterprise risk management system. …And these 2 LOS have been added: a) Critique the use of discounted dividend models and macroeconomic forecasts to estimate the intrinsic value of an equity market. b) Describe trading strategies of managed futures programs and the role of managed futures in a portfolio. Not bad at all.