2011 AM 3B

How does a change in expected inflation affect an endowment’s risk tolerance?

I thought that it didn’t since expected inflation just affects the return requirement but the guideline answers suggest that it should affect risk tolerance since it might increase return requirements and hence decrease or increase risk tolerance depending on how the endowment reacts.

In other readings, i thought it was quite clear that an increase in your return requirment should not increase your willingness to take risks since you might jeopardize your assets.

Anyone else find this answer weird?

Ability to take risk decreases because of increased spending needs, but willingness increases because they need to make more return to cover their expenses.

I did this question last night too…and it confuses me…

An increase in inflaiton will increase your return requirement…i get that. But IMO the return component shouldn’t influence a risk tolerance…the risk tolerance is about current wealth, time horizon and liquidity etc. We can’t say that Mr X tolernace for risk is above average because inflation is high…