2011 AM Question 3B - mutliple answers in template?

Guys, this is the only question I encoutered when we DO NOT circe the correct answer but insted write TWO justifications for each of them. This guestion is not fair.

How can I know whether I’m missing something in the text and don’t know the answer or just have to write 2 answers?

I think this was a mistke on their part. They asked for what happens for a change, when they should have asked what happens for an increase. They probably realised this mistake while grading. If you justified it correctly then it should be fine. They’re only providing justifcations for both of them because either one is correct.

There was no indication in the text whether there was an increase or decrease. So should we change one and justify?

Such ambiguities are really poor of CFAI. Should not happen. Unless this was purposefully…