2011 CFA II Exam Practice

A revision of this topic is always pertinent. So, which practice exams are people recommending for the upcoming Level 2? In particular, does anyone recommend any provider specifically for their strength in Financial Reporting and Equity Valuation?

CFAI is best. I liked Schweser for L1, sticking to their exams on L2 as well.

I never like Schweser, the way they ask the question is different from how CFAI does it. I am sticking to CFAI.


I am about to get done with my first read through in a week and then will begin revision a test taking. Have done mostly all CFA EOC Qs. With 100% success rate in the MCQ questions and some strugling with the non MCQ ones. Wondering if revising everything once more in parallel with taking exams would be enough. I don’t have schweser Qbank or exams. Any place I can get those ?

Schweser L2 mocks out yet?

Well, there are Schweser practice exams (six of them), they’ve been out for a while. They’re useful study tools; if you can get 80+ on them, you’ll probably pass the exam in my opinion. If you’re talking about live mocks, then there are schedules posted on the Schweser site and probably also at your local CFA society.

yeah, most CFA societies offer a live mocks besides the one practice exam the CFA gives out online. I think Schweser does live mocks too. I’m doing two of the live ones in may.