2011 CFAI AM Behavioural Biases Q1

Did anyone else find 1) B rediculously vague and open to interpretation? The only one that was obvious was the first. The other two were extremely vague. Frame dependancy is investor’s base decisions on how info is framed and aversion to ambiguity is quite self explanatory but I couldn’t match them up with any ease. Anyone else find this? If so how are you overcoming it as I’m at a loss…

Framing is what CFAI’s exam is all about. It’s too late for me to figure this out, because I did’t get it right last year.

Framing can lead to loss aversion or risk averse, depending on how it’s framed.

All exam questions are framed, in a way challenging during exam day, but average on other days. This is NOT a good time to blame, similar situations could appear on 6/2 again.

Good luck.

okay if unsure framing is always a good bet!