2011 CFAI Mock (PM)

Is it just me or was thing ridiculous - even by CFA standards

I found the CFAI mock exam very hard compared to the EOC questions. I scored 71% on the exam and 82% on the EOC questions.

There were at least 5-6 questions where I knew the concept they were testing but the wording was just awful. If the questions were asked in a straight forward manner the answer would be easy. You need to read each sentence very carefully to squeeze out the meaning of what they are trying to test… All said a good mock though.

I’m guessing you guys are talking about the free one on the cfa website right? For those who wrote the exam last year, do you guys think it is representativee of the real thing?

I only scored 61% guys hahaha

yah i got pummeled by this one.

The first half was easy, the second 5 item sets where the hardest questions I’ve ever experienced in all of my CFA studying since L1! Somehow I don’t think the real exam will be anything like that!

I Saw a lot of people were complaining about how easy last years free mock exam was…This could be CFAI’s response!.. Atleast it is truly tough exam that will not give you a false sense of security