2011 Curriculum

Unfortunately, I’m re-taking Level 3. My 2011 curriculum just arrived, and it’s much “thinner” than the 2010 curriculum. If you stack them side by side, the 2010 stack is almost a full inch taller. You’d have to remove 2010 volume 4 to make the stacks even. Is there ever any official discussion of how the curriculum changes year by year and whether anything is removed/de-emphasized? I don’t see any information in the curriculum or schweser notes.


I wonder why its so much smaller. All the reading are identical with the exception of 1 deletion from last year and one addition. Does it appear that they cut out sections of last year’s reading?

Would be nice if they cut out a lot of the fluff from 2010.

People are saying the paper is much thinner, hence the reduction in weight and size

Check out the difference in the glossaries and indexes, too.

GoodXter Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > People are saying the paper is much thinner, hence > the reduction in weight and size That would be interesting… I already thought the paper was pretty thin…

How many pages are there in L3 curriculum?

Page thickness has to be the answer. Each volume has nearly the same number of pages as last year (excluding glossaries and indices.) I guess the pages actually feel a little thinner too. However, volume 1 has around 40 extra pages this year.

they’re tricking ya haha, theres more pages to study, crammed into a lower GSM paper (lower Grams per Square Meter means the paper is thinner)

How many pages approx in the readings? Is it about the same as Level 2?

I’ve expected that L2 is less pages, but it turned out that L2 is 500 pages more than L1… That’s why I ask aprox. how many pages should I expect for L3.

Unofficial count of the total pages in the L3 curriculum 2010: 2458 2011: 2511 46 pages added to Vol 1.

abmaroon thanks for the efforts to compare the pages between 2011 and 2010. I have the following questions: 1. The 46 more pages in Vol. 1 relates to what ? 2. Are other volumes same in both years. 3. Is EOC questions same in both years. Your response will help us to decide to go for only e-books and use the 2010 hard copy. Many Thanks

Thanks for the count…I actually got the books yesterday and did a quick comparison. The paper is definitely thinner this year. DeeVee: 1. perhaps because of some changes to the standards of practice handbook. 2. Looks like it with the exception of some new info (like Cobb-Douglas). 3. Looks like it.

Hi, Does anyone think the 2011 Level III Curriculum have smaller font size to result in “thinner” volumes? A total of 2,511 pages is surely much less than the 2010 Level II Curriculum (nearly 3,400 pages?) Thanks,

Hi Guys, Unfortunately, I’m retaking L3 too. I’m just wondering, after reading through a link that someone provided, the curriculum hasn’t changed much. Based on that fact, should I buy the new Schweser 2011 curriculum? Or would my Level 3 2010 be sufficient? Has anyone bought the new schweser? Could you let me know whether it’s distinctly different? Much appreciated; thanks :slight_smile: Good luck to all :slight_smile: