2011 Mock PM Q45 - error?

I tried to calcularte the NPV

Year0: -185

Year1 CF: 66

2: 69.6

3: 75

4: 82.2

5: 91.2 + 35 (terminal) = 126.2

r = 10%

I get 123.37 yet answer says it is 142. Anyone else know what I might be doing wrong?

Your CF flow is wrong

basically u gotta calculat the incremental CF from change in Depreciation assumption. So CF1=7998=t*increase in D

I understand but thge NPV with accelerated depreciation is given to you. I should also be able to get the answer by calculating the NPV using straightline and then the answer should be the difference between the 2 NPVs. Which will equal the way in yout method by using the change in CF

seems like the npv given in the question is erroneous. Baffled people last year also:


I did it that way first also but then used the incremental cash flows and got the answer. I thought both methods should get the same result

had the same problem - the answer says that you don’t need to calculate the NPV of the first table to come up with the result, hence I thought they made an error by not verifying that both ways lead to the same answer