2011 Mock Scores

Anybody take the 2011 Level 3 Mock recently? How’d you do? I felt burnt out halfway through after taking it after work last night but managed to get 46/60. I was surprised, thought I did a lot worse.



78%. If the real thing is like the mock, I’ll be happy.

Same here with the exception of ethics… I missed 5 of the 12 ethics questions

Yeah, ethics stresses me out when I practice it. But fortunately, have never had a problem with it on the actual exam.

72%. Q33 was errata fyi.


Q 31 – how do we know this isn’t a multiple liability immunization extension? it says liabilities (plural) in the vignette. isn’t a positive spread inherent in the multiple liability immunization approach?


Thanks prophets, should 33 have been A? Thats what I put and I got it wrong. I could not find the errata.


72% on 2011. 70% on 2012. Finding pm more difficult than a.m. exams

prophets that link doesn’t provide the answer dude

no offense, but you have to completely lack common sense if you cannot read that errata and compare it to the prior written mock question. the question was written wrong and did not say spread.

I chose A on 31 because I thought the positive spread is inherent in contingent immunization. I thought multiple liability just met the requirement.

Thanks prophets… that changes the answer from A to C, like they have it. So I really got a 72%! Lincoln I am with ya… I am scoring 5-10% better on the AMs and I am grading on the strict side if anything.

Man, find it hard to believe people find the am ease or…

I have been scoring 10% higher on the AM and I have been scoring myself hard. I have been getting so mixed up on deciding whether or not people are making the correct statements in the PM. I haven’t taken a CFA mock yet but the Schweser MC questions give me a headache.

Dammit. Scored 41/60 on 2011 after doing a 51/60 on 2010. I agree that the mocks are much more challenging than I was expecting.

jdough, the correct statement questions screw me up everytime so I feel your pain. I got three questions wrong that I originally answered right, doubted myself and then changed my answer. Sometimes over thinking the problem can screw you.

Before anyone asks how to get these mocks, we can’t email them. Every time I registered for L1 and L2, I made sure to print them to make sure I had them for reference. I don’t even have them in electronic form to send.

I took it today. I found it pretty tough. And I also got up midway because I thought I’ll be failing it. After a 15 minute break, I resumed again and completed. Ended up with 44/60 and that was lot better than expected. But I still hope the actual exam comes easier. I can’t deal with the pressure If it’s challenging and start thinking of consequences while writing it. Also wanted to know whether you guys finish well in time or find it long. I find AMs to be short and complete it before time but I spend too much time on a pm question until I feel it’s correct and hence finish barely in time.

I am the opposite in terms of time. I need about 2.5 hours to finish the AM and about 1.75 hrs for PM if I am really going slow.

I am with ya areyouserious. I have finished every AM in 2.25 to 2.5 hours without ever seeing them before. I don’t expect it to be like this on exam day though and I would like some time to go back and double check. I do bullet points as it is though and have been able to hit all of the key points they are looking for.