2011 Mock

I did not do very well here and am now developing cold feet - only 62%. I see others are scoring 60% to 75%+, so looks like I am very much on the lower side.

Don’t worry about now. Just go over your answers. Basically all you can do at this point

Don’t worry too much about it. It was a hard exam. Besides, mocks have always been much harder than the real thing. Focus on consolidating what you know and not on what you didn’t get right in the last test you took

just got a 58% on the mock. Let’s hope this is harder than the real deal. I had been getting in the 70s on samples and Schweser.

I took a look at the mock exam. They are all item sets and no written part? Can someone confirm?

That’s right!!

The mock was much more difficult than last years exam so don’t worry too much.

I got 72% on the mock today. I was seriously under pressure and fell for all the traps. I mean all the traps. I had to force myself to sit on a hard stool with two nails sticking out of it, so I had to watch the way I moved my @$$ to avoid getting a butt nail puncture. I had to come up with this creative way to force myself to finish the paper in 2 hours. Now I have an idea of an actual extreme event for me if I have to sit on a hard stool on Saturday. I am yet to achieve that zen-like status so I’m gonna do the drill again tomorrow when I do the 2010 AM to see what the absolute worst case scenario will be.

If you can do 72% here, you have high chances of passing.