2011 real exam

where can i download 2011 level 3 exam??

I was about to ask the same thing. Anybody?

it usually appears later in March. Too early…


on cfai website in march.

it is the 2012 mock exam in march , i want to get 2011 real exam

the exam for AM is the only one posted and it will be on CFA’s website in March. The PM exam for Lvl 3 and none of the other Level exams ( both AM and PM ) are never posted.

Are you new to CFA exams and the website?

of course not ,level 3 candidate

Look for it in the following link in the next month ot two…http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprogram/courseofstudy/samples/Pages/index.aspx

I am really excited to see CFAI answers to last year’s exam. It’s going to take me back…

Really, would like to reminisce how i responsed to those AM questions which took a toll on me to hang around on books for one more year angry

Looking at the 2011 paper… I can’t recall a thing… No wonder I am back here:)

“Looking at 2011 paper”? I don’t see that it was posted yet.

I think he means "talking about the 2011 paper , I cannot recall a thing , so no wonder I’m back writing it ". Most of the people that passed probably also cannot recall a thing either , so that is not data to consider

2011 now posted on web.

JCole congrats on passing lol. Kind of late but I disappeared from this site after I failed band 9. Anxiety got me on exam day.

Thanks bro - good luck this year!

Holy $h!t - I would not pass that test today…

Think??? How did u come up with that interpretation…lol

That test was tough. I remember looking at the clock and seeing an hour left with 4 or 5 questions I had not even started. Somehow I managed to finish and most of the people I spoke with during the break said they had to leave a couple blank. I tried to at least put an answer down for everything to at least try to get some partial credit. I think thats what pushed me over.