2011 Schweser failers using 2012 material?

Now I know that this might be an exhausted topic, but has anybody who has failed the Level 2 exam last June using Schweser purchased the new 2012 Schweser books and noticed any material changes? As of right now, my study method is to use last year’s books, review my detailed notes, and review the new 2012 EOC questions and Schweser 2012 practice exams. I would use FinQuiz’s 2011 versus 2012 breakdown in order to eliminate unnecessary sections in the 2011 Schweser material, while making sure I read the new section on hedge funds (which is the only new section I believe).

Would anybody consider this plan to be sufficient/efficient way to study for the 2012 exam? Or would I be wasting my time with the 2011 Schweser books? I have a fairly busy schedule (work/travel/etc), and looking for the best method to study for my retake.