2011 Schweser Notes

Just getting started on my studying for this year. Think I could still use my schweser notes from last year? I am aware the behavioral finance section has totally changed, so I will refer to the textbook for that section. Having trouble motivating myself to study. I keep saying I will start next week…Thanks

I can speak only to Book 3 as I did a pretty detailed side by side comparison. Despite some wording changes in the LOS’s, the 2011 and 2012 Schweser Notes were identical. Literally could not find a change (except the LOS wording)… problems, key concept notes, examples, professor notes - everything was identical. But you’re right, throw away the B. Finance section, that is brand new.

I was wondering the same…but I am thinking that last year I put enough time studying the Schweser Notes, and the results were disappointing (even though I cover all EOC and most of the blue boxes from the CFAI material). I might stick to the CFAI material this time…

I experienced the same decision. I am using my notes (derived from Schweser) except for the first three chapters and then supplementing with CFAI problems and text highlights. Re-taking sucks, but I’m trying to keep a positive attitude by focusing on learning something new that might have missed in the CFAI text last year. Time to put Level III to rest. Only 5 months and summer is here. . . . Bear down and it will be here before we know it.