2011 Schweser videos. Worth watching?

I wont be able to afford the 2012 videos, I just started a new job in a new country and so many things to pay for.

My life is still not in order so I cant study yet. I was thinking I watch the 2011 videos for now untill I settle down. I got them from a friend.

Do you guys think they are worth watching. Esp for retakers, how similar is the content to 2012 % wise.

Thank you guys

finquiz has a great comparison. take a look

I used Stalla for Level’s 1 & 2 and found their videos very helpful. Being that Stalla is no longer an option, if anyone has any input on Schweser videos vs Stalla that would be great.

Did your friend give you the accompanying slide workbooks? I found them to be pretty useful as standalone review material when I re-took L2 last year. Sort of reminded me of an unabridged version of secret sauce. In hindsight, I made the mistake of ordering the streaming version in 2010, which expired at year end. Since I did not re-order all the Schweser materials, all I had left as I prepared to re-take last year was the workbooks. So this year I’m making a point to buy the hardcopy version of the videos in case I have to re-take in 2013.

I guess videos are a good way to memorize terminologies and pretty helpful to those with a time constraint. I’m using old videos and not very happy though. Most of the things are covered by some Greg Filbeck and I can’t listen to him anymore. Maybe he’s got good knowledge though not a good teacher. I guess the level 2 videos were best because Andrew Holmes covered most topics and I just love him. Given that money is a constraint, I’d suggest you not to buy new videos. You can use the ones you have for review.

I studied with schweser previous year’s videos for Level 1 and 2 and worked fine for me. As mentioned by “Iteracom” before, I used the comparison by finquiz to make sure i was only studying what really was part of the curriculum.

aww its a disappointment to know that andrew holmes wont be on the l3 videos…i was really looking forward to his video lessons…i used the L2 videos and prof holmes is a real laugh riot, and he conveys the info across really well too… i’ll prolly get the L3 videos also anyway cos the visual experience for me got me thru the whole material in much lesser time than it wdav if i had to just read thru all the schweser books…took some notes alongside as well…so totally worth it for me…