2012 AM session. WOW!

took the 2012 CFAI AM session - wow. that was humbling. scored 106/180 --> 59%

i graded everything pretty tough (hoping they are more leniant than i was), but wow. wow. wow.

i’ve gone through a lot of the past exams, scoring high 60s, low 70s throughout. took the 2013 timed and scored 67%. i’ve scored 83% and 88% on the PM sessions, timed.

this result is freaking me out with 4 days to go.

anyone else find 2012 AM session the most challinging out of the past papers?

uggggghhhhh angry

yes. and 2014 easiest

don’t think about it. i don’t even grade them anymore.

first mock exam i ever took was for Level 1 and i took it 2 days before the exam…failed miserably (in the 40% range). still passed the exam with considerable room to spare

i think mock exams are just a good way to get familiar with the question formats and styles. keep on plugging away and don’t get freaked out

I found it average as there is a lot of time compared to 2014 paper. In general I learn a lot from it specially the institutional and how active employees has future wage inflation even if their retirement payment is not indexed to inflation. This trick always came.

From ~2 weeks ago…


2012 would be a dream exam for me. Derivatives in the morning…I like it.

Glue - i agree the timing aspect was “better” compared to a few other AM papers. i tried a new timing strategy and it seemed to help. I got through every question without having to leave pts on the table. However, i felt like there were a lot of questions that I literally forgot how to do (i.e. duration of an option), and a good amount of questions where your ability to “justify” is critical and just knowing the material isn’t sufficient (i.e. why availability of collateral can lead to a higher/lower repo rate)

Tozerrt - thanks for sharing that link.

All of the AM exams are pretty tough. I only managed to push >70% on the AM exam which is apprently the “easiest” of the latest exams.

60-70% is a good area to be in, especially if you have >75% in the PM.

There must be a mock that you are going to find it challenging… and 2012 was a pretty tough one but dont let this over-ride you… 60% is not bad if you managed to get >70% in PM session.

I’ve actually not found one AM mock that difficult got a 84% on 2012. 82% on 2014 84% 2013.


good for you (sarcasm). I’m glad you wasted 90 seconds of your life to reply and provide zero value to this thread. Best of luck to you on Saturday, but it’s obvious you simply don’t need it.

thanks Rogue. It was definitely deflating, with all the work I’ve put in, but I agree with you: if someone I score 59 on Saturday but can muster up a 75-80 on the PM, I guess I’ll survive.

You’re right sympathy posts provide so much more value. All the BS coddling of “dont worry you’ll do fine, don’t freak out”

Let me clue the OP in on a harsh reality. You likely haven’t studied sufficiently. If you adopt the mental attitude of “its too late, i’ll be fine, this was just a hard one” you will most likely not pass the exam unless you get lucky. Why would you want to roll the dice after working for 6 months at this.

You need to take time off work immediately and put in a solid 14 hours a day of studying for up until the test. That’s a solid 56 hours of study time.

You can take all of 2007 – 2014 mock exams multiple times while focusing in specifically on the 3 main books that test primarily the AM section.