2012 BSAS and CFAI practice and mock

Wanted to get your thoughts on this, those of you who bought the BSAS, got the free practice exam from CFAI.

I think that the CFAI practice exam is slightly harder than than the BSAS one and I have taken 4 practice exams from Schweser and scored in high 60’s and low 70’s. I scored a 62 on the CFAI.

It seems like most folks think that Schweser is more difficult, I don’t feel that its accurate.

I’ll be scrapping Schweser.

Does anyone know where we can other CFAI based questions (prior practice exams, anything)?

You should be pretty good to go with those scores. Try to get it into the low 70s consistently if you can but you should be sweet. That’s what I was scoring and I passed >70% on everything except Ethics and Econ where I got 50%-70% score.

The CFAI mock I took felt really hard (harder than Schweser and I’m pretty sure that was the consensus for June2012) but I still ended up with a score similar to Schweser mocks.