2012 CFA Mock morning #9

Do we not adjust the risk-free rate for the 60 days? Or is this just a red herring?

yes you do, and so does the model answer

Double post, sorry.

I was wondering about this as well. My copy has the incorrect rate used in the answer sheet giving an answer of $9.00. The copy posted on the CFA website has been replaced by the correct 60 day rate with no mention in the errata.


Yup- cfai sucks

I am a little shocked that has been amended in the latest download of the mock exam without a report in the errata or

a mention to those of us who previously downloaded the exam when we were initially notified of it’s availablity.

Are there any more like this?

**I went back to the books and on the pages for the 1 and 2 stage bi nominal model they use an unadjusted rfr as the denominator, as per the original question in the pre-amendment mock! **

Thanks all, thought I was losing my mind.

I did download the mocks very early on, I can’t help but wonder what else is wrong on the early version.