2012 CFA mock PM: q 44 on derivatives

the last ie 4th discount factor should be 0.9149. I assume they have a typo in their calculation, right? below in the table they provided the correct figure but they used 0.0149 in the brackets. Is this a mistake or maybe I simply do not get something?

It’s just a mistake - should be .9149 as in the table.

For question #13, do you know why they use n=9 and n=8? I would have thought they would use n=10 and n=9

In my opinion it should be also 10 and 9 but maybe someone else can still confirm to be on the safe side

is there anyway you could send me the 2012 mock exam? krunkchris88@gmail.com


Do you guys think the 2012 version is effective? Some of the curriculum changed…

Take it, it’s mostly effective maybe five questions not related.