2012 CFAI Mock Q22

this deals with the canadian manager is his style value, growth, market oriented…

i thought by definiton a value investor would buy stock whos price is below its calculated intrinsic value, the P/E wouldnt matter at all.

any help?

If I remember correctly, he had no opinion on P/E hence P/E could be low( value investor) or high ( growth investor).

As a consequence he is a core or market oriented investor

I beleive he was all over the map and thats why you pick market

i also remember that they bought stocks regardless of PE, so this makes them core/market

Value investor would buy the stock trading below its intrinsic value & also trading at relatively lower P/E , P/B multiples…Since the manager is buying regardless of P/E - Market oriented/core/blend investor

yea i had it initially marked as core/blend but then for some reason i looked at paragraph again and thought that value investor would buy stock that is below its intrinsic value no matter what the price or p/e was…reminds me oif warren buffett.