2012 CFAI mock results

Is there a thread for this already? I would like to hear what others thought about the mock. I surprised myself and did ok, which might be giving me a false sense of security here. How did everyone else find it?

I just took and got a 72% overall. 5/12 on ethics.

Also, on questions 37 & 38, why is the 0.25 cash duration used for adjusting the bond position, but a 0 cash duration is used for adjusting the equity position?

I got 80%. Somehow this CFAI mock seems simpler than the L1 and L2 mocks. BTW, I wonder what is probable passing score for L3? They say that 70% is sure pass and 65% is probable pass. Is that true that one can pass with a score lower than 70?

I can only speak for myself but I always found the CFAI mocks easier than the actual exam so don’t slacken the pace yet. As for passing the exam with less than 70%, yes that is possible but if you go back and look at the threads from previous years with people who have posted their exam result breakdowns - passing and failing - the cut off point does change and it depends on a number of factors.

I think that if you score 65 with high score on ethics then you have a high p(pass)