2012 FRM material?

I want to take both parts of the FRM in May 2012 so I wanted to get an early start. Are there any material changes year to year? Is it safe to use the November 2011 study material or will I have to wait for registration to begin for the May examination first. Much thanks.

The 2012 FRM curriculum will probably be released in January. I suspect that it will be something like 15% different from the 2011 curriculum, so if you can get your hands on 2011 materials you can start studying from that. The “Current Issues in Financial markets” readings are the content that is most likely to change. I don’t recommend that candidates attempt both parts of the FRM on the same day, but you can give it a shot.

Thanks a lot Wendy. Very valuable information. You wouldn’t happen to know a good place to get used FRM material (2011) would you?

On the same note would 4 months of study for FRM Level 1 be good enough? I am IT professional working in Asset Management - Risk. Not a super guy in Finance but just wanted to know from people who may have some idea. My idea is to give ample preparation and give in November Level 1. Am I too scared?