2012 L3 Secret Sauce...

…is now shipping. My CC was just charged…look forward to receiving it sometime soon.

I ordered mine yesterday. This is the first time I have ever used anything more than the Notes and practice exams from Schweser. I figure I could use the extra help to go 3/3 on these exams. I hope it is worth the $$$.

I bought the secret sauce once (L3) and thought that it sucked. Doesn’t provide enough depth of information to be of any value IMO. I would rather just skim through the highlighted portions of my notes and get more info (and better recollection) in the same amount of time.

^I agree, I got the Secret Sauce because it came with the Schweser package. But, I think I would rather use my notes that I already typed out with examples as my own “homemade” secret sauce.

I just chacked, and this is sopoosed to come by UPS today.

Can’t wait to hit the sauce this weekend!

Got mine earlier this week and am about a hundred pages in. Initial reaction is that this is exactly what I need at this point in time to start nailing down formulas and key concepts.

Of course, it does little in terms of coaching you through the steps of various calcs, but I have other resources for that. In short, a nice addition to the weapons at my disposal to kill this beast.