2012 material for 2013?

I’ve registered and paid to take the exam in June however planned to reschedule for December since I felt I needed more time to prepare. Unforunately, some life things occured and agian I do not feel I will be able to put the adequate time to study until the next exam in June 2013. There is new material every year and there are no refunds and thus did I pretty much just waste ~$1500? Any way to salavage any of the loss?

Thanks in advance and good luck to those taking it in June

Anyone? I take it I am screwed?

People have asked similar question to this before. Yes, you’re “screwed.” No refunds and you can’t transfer your registration. However, other responses in the past have suggested that maybe you just sit for the exam anyway for the experience. Doing so will give you an instant leg up when trying to quell the nerves for exam day on what will ultimately be your real attempt.