2012 Mock - For Those Who Have Older Mocks

Did you guys notice some repetitive item sets from old mocks? I got an 85% on the 2012 mock my first time through it, but I think it is because I recognized like 3 of the item sets (maybe up to 18 questions) from old mocks. Every other mock I have scored in the 70s so I will count that an outlier I suppose.

dont be so prudent and conservative. as the spotter in the gym always say to me “It is all you!”

i thought it was pretty easy as well, except for some vague BS in ethics

they can only present the material in so many different ways. it sounds like you are going to kill the exam!!!

What I have realized is there are certain areas in the curriculum that CFAI loves to present in a certain format… w/o taking very hard look at the material as displayed in the text you could be lost on the mocks… Macro/micro attribution comes to mind… anybody encounter any other presentations that should be revisited before saturday?

I think someone on this forum mentioned that the mocks each year are the Testrac Sample exams ( 30 in I and 30 in II) combined. So your familiarity may be a result of having dones last year’s TestRac?

No this is my first time at level 3. I looked back and 3 of the GIPS questions are the same on 2010 and 2012. A few of the other questions are exactly the same as older mocks as well. It looks like about 10 of them total. The rest that I thought were identical are just presented in a similar way. I guess thats why they say do old CFAI tests… time to go through the BB’s and key EOC’s one more time. Now is not the time for complacency.

I did too. I was getting confused because I thought I had already done this mock, but it was just re-used data. They changed some of the questions though, using the same vignette and data.

I have done:

2012 - 83.33%

2011 - 71.67%

2010 - 83.33%

Nice thanks Prophets. My scores were:

2012: 85%

2011: 72%

2010: 77%

As long as we crank out these EOCs and BBs and survive the morning session we should be good to go!!