2012 sample exam Q12

DELETED by Admin.

why is it deleted? This question is from free sample exam

Samples are 40$ paid and are supposed to be taken ONLINE only. Please follow that strictly.

Do not try to discuss the Sample questions on a forum such as this.


Is it good? Have you taken it? Did you find it value adding? …srry many ques i guess :slight_smile:

I have not taken it yet. But what I have heard is – it is a batch of absolutely new questions. So should give it a shot … only do not know when I will find the time… so many things to do… in addition to work all day long :frowning:


I am NOT discussing the paid ones. I don’t think you understood, what I meant.

check out this


Sample Level III item set questions

^ thanks

Also there are two samples. Each $40…considering INR (Indian rupee) already plummeted against USdollar a lot :frowning: just thinking whether to put in these much of money or not…


Misunderstood the location … .

Exactly my thoughts also cpk! So much to do, full day of work, 1.5 hrs commute back home, by the time I get home. I could just revise something and hope for the best. I just can’t affort $80 for those sample exams.

$80 for sample exams is a joke. greed…greed…greed