2013 CFAI real exam: Question 5A Cobb Douglas (i thought you add pop growth into L before multiplying)

Hi all,

the correct answer is 5.9% per this in guideline answers: 1.3% + [0.7 x 5.5%] + [0.3 x 2.5%] = 5.9%

I did this: 1.3% + [0.7 x 5.5%] + [0.3 x (2.5%+1.8%)] = roughly 6.44%

as you can see, i added growth in total pop (1.8) to the growth in labor input, before multiplying that by the elasticity of L (30%).

The guideline answer just took the 2.5%growth in labor input and didnt add anything to it.

Was this a change in the curriculum from 2013, which is quite a while ago? I ask because if you go to SCHWESER TOPIC ASSESSMENT on ECON, and go to question 5 where they ask for the CD growth rate…as youll see…they do indeed ADD the pop growth to the other Labor% before mutlplying (both of them added together) by the elsasticity.

again, to see this discrepancy go to 2013 Q5A and then go to the Schweser Topic assessent (ECON) question 5 (youll see this on page 89 of the printed shweser notes)

am i taking crazy pills here? i really think i got this right…