2013 confed cup

It’s live on tv now. didn’t realize.

A preview for next years world cup. anyone planning on going?

if you don’t make it to brazil the next two are in russia-racist hellhole

qatar-less said the better.

might be the best time to catch a football world cup.

also, this brazil side is terrible.

brazil vs japan now.

japan are good,made tremendous strides. should be a good game.

lets see the hype about neymar

Neymar is a creation of the media. Brazil is sick and tired of Lionel Messi so they tout Neymar. yeah…


his haircut is class though…good goal also. great technique…

I’m planning on hitting up brazil next year. I think World Cup tickets go on sale in August.

90% you’ll end up buying it in black from the touts.

the FIFA online system is a joke. another option is emirates which has some sort of tie up.we might just see the first european winner on s.american soil

Spain is killing Uruguay…

Screw the C-Cup. This year, it’s all about the Gold Cup, which starts on July 7.

And the Semis are in God’s (new) favorite stadium, although I probably won’t get to go.


those teams are terrible.

you won’t enjoy it unless costa rica or mexico are playing.

i don’t pay much attention to the confed cup either but it’s got 3-4 great teams

I agree with creation of the media, but think it has more to do with our lack of world class players than Messi. A few years ago, Brazil had Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo… all in top form. Now we have a squad that looks pretty weak, and the press needs somebody to talk about.

Also, Neymar dribbles a lot, and brazilians go ballistic on dribbles. Finally, the coach let Ronaldinho (who’s still a good player) out, and that helped in focusing the brazilian spotlights on Neymar.

are you brazilian?

this is a terrible brazil team no?

fred,fred,fking FRED up front…what a joke.

Sadly yes, yes and yes.

Why doesn’t Diego Ribas Da Cunha get chances for Brazil, I’d say Brazil could really use his creativity and experience in midfield, but I’m no Luiz Felipe Scolari.

More than anything, it seems to me that Brazil really is suffering from a “lost generation” rather than lack of talent. The guys who are in their mid to late 20s just havent developed into the players they were hoped to be - Anderson, Pato, Adriano Luiz, and there are more like that so we have the old generation (Ronaldinho) and the generation that isn’t ready (Neymar, Oscar).

good question. scolari’s far too defensive it seems.

i reckon the spaniards and germans have caught up with the brazilians in terms of technical ability. 2014 will be spain’s swan song and germany’s rise. The argentine’s will have an outside shot especially if messi continues his form.

messi and argentina lifting the cup in rio? i expect a riot and then we can finally say messi has sat at the table with maradona and pele.

Doesnt matter. Been a Brazil supporter since Childhood… Will always remain one too irrespective of how bad their team is… Would Barca pay 46 m$ if Neymar isnt that good? Just a little surprised…

Since the HQ of the bank I work is in UK, thats my second supported team.

I still think Tahiti will win the cup, just a small setback against Nigeria.

^ :slight_smile:

they spent 30m on chygrinski and 80m+ on ibra and sanchez.

their transfer record is dodgy but one thing about neymar is he can change direction without slowing down. we’ll see if he’s the real deal next season

Nowadays, just too much football. When the Confed cup ends, Gold cup starts followed by premier league.

And some countries are not playing enough games like India.

Could I see India getting into the world cup or even hosting it in my lifetime?

well we have qualified once. too bad they didn’t let us play barefoot.

realistically speaking our organization isn’t capable of creating a grassroots holistic approach like spain,japan etc. nothing run by the public sector is…but with football’s popularity increasing and all these big clubs setting up academies who knows? all we need is a superstar to get things rolling…