2013 Level II CFAI Mock

Unless I am going crazy, why on earth does the CFAI Mock have only 15% allocated to Equity? The CFAI exam weightings allocate 20-30% to equity according to their website, making this mock clearly missleading

Anyone else notice this? It really pissed me off bc that mock is supposed to be the most authentic

man the mock is simply the questions from past year sample exam with a few more thrown in. I don’t think much thought goes into it

Is economics given more weighatge ?

are you saying it includes the same questions as the 2012 mock? that would unfortunately defeat the purpose of doing both

No, the questions come from 2012’s SAMPLE exam. The exam that CFAI charge you $40 to do. So this year’s sample exam will be in next year’s CFAI Level 2 Mock.

ok good. They gave extra weighting to PM. That is BS though because the CFAI blatently says Equity is 20-30 and then they give a mock with it at 15