2013 Mock Score Breakdowns

@ Clever I am in similar boat, but I think we will be fine just keep chugging.

Did anyone get the AM FI queston right where you had to calculate principal outstanding after 2 months? I cant figure out where their payment number came from.


ok thanks. a sensible approach. I fiddled about with the data for ages, got really pissed off and rushed the rest of the item set. lesson definitely learned though.

the semi annual thing really got to me for some reason. I just need to let it go.

Maybe we take tests differntly. I’m not ONLY trying to figure out what I’m going to score (hence the second score). I’m trying to figure what areas I’m truly weak in and study. He may have gotten lucky in an item set for derivatives, for example. But if he doesn’t have a good grasp of that material, that score isn’t useful in guiding what he should study. Only score without guesses highlights the areas of most concern.

Fair enough - I neglected to consider that perspective. You’re right. I generally note these weaknesses while I’m reviewing and focus on them during the week, paying less attention to my actual scores in each section.