2013 Person of the Year


Who do you guys think it’ll be?

I’d go with Pope Frank or Assad form that list, both definitely global news makers. Many of the rest are pretty American centric (Miley Cyrus?). I’d throw Putin in there too, but he’s almost certainly next year’s POY so I can see why he was excluded this time around.

The Pope.

Pope Francis or Hassan Rouhani

Can’t believe Miley Cyrus is on the list.

What exceptional things did she do?

Bezos should be up there but he has already won Person of the Year in the past, so unlikely to get it again for that simple reason (some presidents and other leaders of state have won twice, but I can’t think of anyone else)

Miley Cyrus and Ed Snowden are interesting choices, but while they made headlines, TIME almost never selects someone known more for notoriety than their positive influence

This year’s list seems kind of lackluster… But of these people, I would have chosen Edward Snowden. The NSA leak showed how today, one low level IT contractor could use technology to cause a worldwide scandal. More information is being collected and processed today than in any previous time, and the implications of this information and its misuse are quite significant.

Obama would have been my second choice, if he had not already won this award twice in the last five years. The implementation of the ACA is a milestone in his political agenda. However, the ongoing complications in the law’s implementation and its other effects have been poorly received by voters. As a result, 2014 could be the year when political momentum starts to swing the other way.

She is now the dirtiest, most obnoxious figure to beat… in a way, she created a new (lowest) standard in entertainment.

I think we are all happy with Hassan Rouhani compared to his predecessor. However, I am not sure if “not being crazy” qualifies as a milestone achievement.

Gee. I don’t even know who she is… Heard the name of course but didn’t bother to learn the details…

Didn’t they name the Pope last week, or was that another POY?

I thought it was the Pope as well. Anyway, I agree with Ohai that it should’ve been Snowden. His actions has sparked a new debate on where the line between privacy and security should be set. To me, it’s actually amazing how much information people seem to be okay with letting the gov have and track.

how funny would it be if snowden won laugh

Hey man, TIME has high standards for Iranian presidents

Why is Rouhani on that list? I mean he talks a decent game but what exactly has he done to get on that list? Has amazon done something iv’e missed? I mean i know they’re planning on launching drones but why is bezos there?

It’s a shit list…The pope has to win it. He even kissed a guy who had tumour’s on his face…There are pictures to prove it dammit…

Miley Cyrus…what a fking joke…

Has to be Snowden…

TIME didn’t have the gutz to name OBL in 2001.

It should be Snowden this year.

I’m cheering for Miley Cyrus.

Wasn’t this already announced?