2014 AM Exam - Question 10 D

Hi Guys! I don’t find anything in the curriculum about realized gain/loss in the IS…or at list it seems to be the execution cost…any help?

They now call that trading cost.

Ok! Then it would be better to not consider to avoid misunderstading! Thanks Bill!

I think so.

On one of my mock exams I asked a question about implementation shortfall. Knowing that there are lots of candidates who are retaking the exam and therefore originally learned one notation, and many candidates who are taking it for the first time and have learned another notation, I was careful to use both terms in the question, and both sets of notation in the full, guideline answers.

I had one candidate e-mail me saying that she learned one notation and didn’t want to have to learn another: she hates IS enough already.

I’ll check in your mocks then!
About your candidate…it’s like a sense of attachment + conservatism LOL

Make sure that you get the most current downloads.