2014 CFAI MOCK - Annual Unit Credit (Pensions)

The question states:

At the end of Smith’s second year of service, the estimated defined benefit obligation arising from his employment is closest to:

Determination of annual unit credit (benefit)

page9image5960 page9image6232 page9image6504 page9image6776 page9image6936 page9image7744 page9image8016

Estimated final salary (Exhibit 1):


page9image10112 page9image10384 page9image10656 page9image10928 page9image11088 page9image11896 page9image12168

Estimated annual (end of year) payment in retirement (six years of service, 2014–2019):

$71,261 × 1.75% × 6


page9image15408 page9image15680 page9image15952 page9image16224 page9image16384 page9image17192 page9image17464

PV of 7,482.41 for 25 years at 7.5% (N = 25, I = 7.5, PMT = 7,482.41 Mode: End; PV = ?)

Present value of estimated future payments as of the start of retirement (keystrokes using a financial calculator):


page9image21752 page9image22024 page9image22296 page9image22568 page9image22728 page9image23424 page9image23848 page9image24272



Annual unit credit at time of retirement per service year:

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  1. Determination of build-up of pension obligation for the employee

page9image31008 page9image31280 page9image31552 page9image31824 page9image32096 page9image32368 page9image32640 page9image32800 page9image33776 page9image34048 page9image34320 page9image34592

Calculation for 2014


Calculation for 2015


page9image37808 page9image38080 page9image38352 page9image38624 page9image38896 page9image39168 page9image39440 page9image39600 page9image40576 page9image40848 page9image41120 page9image41392


Opening obligation

From close of 2014


page9image44336 page9image44608 page9image44880 page9image45152 page9image45424 page9image45696 page9image45968 page9image46240 page9image46400 page9image47376 page9image47648 page9image47920 page9image48192


Interest cost at 7.5%

$9,683 x 0.075


page9image51448 page9image51720 page9image51992 page9image52264 page9image52536 page9image52808 page9image53080 page9image53240 page9image54216 page9image54488 page9image54760 page9image55032 page9image55304

Current service cost

Present Value of the unit credit




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Closing obligation

$20,818 page9image3112 page9image3808

page9image64736 page9image66088 page9image66632 page9image67064

can anyone explain this? is this going to be tested on exam?

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