Guys if possible, plz share ELAN Mock on below metioned mail ID:


Thanks in advance.

here you go… http://bit.ly/1hWIWF2

Gave Elan Mock 2 this morning, just the AM session and scored 65%.

This test was brutal! I just scored a 40%. Started with confidence but this was much harder than anything I’ve done so far.

ProvidenceCFA- you are a beast lol

I took both of the Elan mocks. They are difficult. I really doubt the real exam will be this challenging. In a lot of cases with these Elan calculation questions, you have to know 3-4 things to get the answer right and they try to trick you, too. The Schweser mocks are a lot less complex.

Both Elan #1 and #2 were high effort exams. Very few simple questions. You have to really work hard to get answers right on these mocks.