Hey all,

please post your Elan mock scores (if you are using Elan…)

I just took the first Mock under test conditions and scored 79/120 for 65.8%…

I thought it was EXTREMELY hard and calculatiion intense…

I have not yet taken an Elan mock exam, though probably will in early May.

I did glance at two of their item sets in their first mock and it looked materially more difficult than Schweser. I’d say a 66% on that exam is pretty good for this stage in the game.

I’m only able to download the first Elan mock exam (“June 2014 Level II Mock Exam 1”). Have you had luck downloading the second exam? It looks like a dead link to me?

Could you guide me on how to go about doing the mocks- I m assuming that since you have started mocks meaning you are done with most if not all materials (including revision)…? Thing is while i m done with material and am doing revision now, dont know how to approach the mocks…just pick a mock and do it right away (from whatever i have so far in my memory)…?

^^ um… how else would u do the mock? yes, pick it up and do it.

I have not started my revision yet and wanted to do the revision while I do the mocks as practising questions only working week to retain the concepts than watching a video again or reading book again. I gave just the AM session of Elan Mock to see how far I remember without any revision or second reading and got 55% in the AM section and then de-briefing/revising the topics that I could’nt recollect.

However this is my second attempt at Level 2 - last year band 8 and I was at this position of scoring 55-60% just 1 week before the exam and with few topics completely untocuhed. So I’m feeling better placed though I got only 55% as we stil have few weeks left and planning to do atleast 6 mocks this time against 2 mocks last time :slight_smile:

how would you compare the actual exam to the elan mock?

I would say more or less the same difficulty as the CFAI practise questions

The second exam is not available yet. They only just released the first mock a couple of weeks ago. I heard last year that the second mock exam was not made available until 1-2 weeks before exam day. That could change this year, but for as much as I like the quality of their materials, Elan tends to be slow so I wouldn’t expect it until another month passes.


Is very difficult to contact Elan Office and is almost impossible. Anybody knows a direct extension phone to contact Elan Office?

What are you doing different this time…?

Any advice?

Much appreciated


Could someone here tell me what format the Elan Guides are in? Are they in PDF or is it something similar to the CFAI Mocks where you have to basically be logged into a website to acccess it.

Thanks and good luck on the test.

Elan mocks - you can get as a pdf.

I scored ~66% (60% AM and 72% PM) on the first Elan Mock. I did the AM section last weekend and the PM today. And that was open notes (which I referenced quite heavily) AND it took me about 4:45 for each one. That sounds pretty bad but there is still more than a month to go. The first few mock exams I am treating as a learning opportunity, that’s why I am taking time to look up formulas etc. Hope to start taking mocks under exam conditions about halfway through May.

If someone please share Elan-Mocks at this email address??? “ManPreetGoni555@gmail.com

I will be really really thankful for this kind favour.

Best Regards.

FYI the second Elan mock is up.

Did anyone take the AM sesson of the 2nd exam yet? I got KILLED on it. Open notes & gave myself 4 hours and I got a freaking 58!!! angry

I just downloaded Elan mock exams yesterday and plan on taking one this weekend with formula sheets handy. I used elan mocks for level 1 and I found them very quantitative but fair.

Im almost finsihed getting through the CFAI text and EOC questions (have PM left) but I really want to get started on mocks sooner than later. I havent looked at a lot of the sections in a while which is why I plan on using a formula sheet.

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I have already taken CFAI and schweser mocks.There is no point finishing all the mocks 1 month before exam so i have saved Elan mocks for last week before the exam.