2014 mock errors

Was there ever an errata published for the 2014 mocks? Just did the first one and some answers seem to contradict the question (q2 of the Jacaranda item set and the last two questions in the GIPS).

This is the March Mock…don’t trust that shit. Just do version C.

there’s also 1 question for effective duration / key rate duration which contradicts the same question in 2013 mock …

I can help you with Last Q. Q5 is all about process of elimination.

A) 3 is required and 7 is not really required for disclosure.

B) 6 is not required since they don’t have any weird thing like non-fee paying account. They have to disclose if they do, but since they don’t no need to disclose.

C) You have to disclose fee schedule, you have to disclose internal disperation (although I am 50-50 about this).

Looking at the stuff you have to disclose, the answer is C.


A) Nothing wrong with calculation (quarterly geometricially linked) B) 36 months unless agreed on by investor (Don’t have any agreement info). C) Market Value was used before 2011. Nothing wrong with that.

Answer = B