2014 schweser mock

Need help guys. I will be done with all my mocks and practice questions within the next four days and I’ll need more. I have borrowed someone’s 2014 schweser mocks books but several people have told me that it’s not recommended to attempt them due to changes in the curriculum. I cant really afford to buy new mocks but I dont want to devote time to something that might hamper my exam preparation. What do you guys suggest?

Hi Gigaloo,

I have the same problem. I had a quick look at the 2004 CFA mock exam and I saw a fee differences (I remember for example they asked to calculate the Paasche and Lasperyan index) and the derivative section is also very different. Moreover I noticed that a lot of question are always the same between the different CFA mock exams (for example regarding Ethics, Equity,…).

I think I will review the theory from time to time and review my mistakes on the mock exams I did. If anyone as another suggestion it’s very welcome.

By the way, what do you think about the 2015 CFA mock exam? I have found them much easier compared to the schweser notes mock exam.

Do the 2014 mocks, anyone who said not to do them doesnt know what they are talking about. I did CFAI mocks back to 2011 when getting ready. Just make sure to note if a question is no longer relevant as they got rid of it when grading. The more questions the better

Taytus. I agree with you. The official mock were easier than schweser and some questions were repeated from the topic tests.

Yayyywork, I think that will be best. Thanks.

Yayyywork, but do you suggest to do it even if the majority of the questions are the same as them from 2015?

What do you think about the difficulty of the CFA mock exam compared to the real exam? I have found schweser’s mocks to be more difficult.

Thank you

I am taking the CFAI mock this weekend. I have spoken to multiple people who said the actual exam is easier than the CFAI and Schweser mocks. As far as other mocks to take, Investopedia has a free mock exam. I haven’t looked at it yet, but the website is pretty well regarded so I imagine it should be useful/accurate. I am probably going to stick to old CFAI mocks and the Schweser mocks.


Are you sure that the actual exam is easier? If so then it’s even more difficult to pass, because everyone will perform better and so the passing score increase drammatically.

To be honest I don’t think that the actual exam is easier… but I might be wrong.

If your score a 58% on the mock and then a a 62% on the actual exam, you will still fail. I am saying the actual exam is comparitive to the mock, maybe even slightly easier. Doesn’t mean everyone is going to score above a 70% though.