2015-6 level 3 study materials.

Getting ready for the third level. Would love to see some fairly current videos, mind maps, and question bank, etc. money is tight currently so open to ideas.

fairly current videos - Arif Irfannullah

mind maps - finquiz

QBank - finquiz has a large set of questions - but tends to have some errors on them. the support team is fairly good at getting back on support related questions - however some of the english in teh questions is “questionable” to say the least. Questions also tend to be overly verbose, and have some obscure portions of the curriculum covered. In some sense - it gives you a good coverage of the material. Going thro the entire set of questions may sometimes give you a shock - as to how much of material is there, and a judgment call needs to be made as to whether that is really worth it.

Finquiz usually has good deals - around exam results time - where they offer the entire package at a 60-70% discount - and you get all the material for a relatively smaller amount.

and before anyone tries to say it - I am NOT affiliated in any form or manner with either Arif or Finquiz.


During my L3 prep - I used both the above materials - and found that using videos - allows you to capture a portion of the curriculum that is relatively continuous - where one topic flows into the other. Videos also give you only that path - and sometimes it is easier to read thro the material in the text - rather than follow the video along with the text.

There are other portions in the material that require an overall understanding - and a more wholesome understanding. That comes only by reading and correlating material from one place to the other - and there is no shortcut to that. Even after multiple reads - you might not get the entire picture. … hence the amount of time it takes. overall I think video is not such a good mechanism for learning for L3 - but that is my opinion. I know there are others who will claim that Videos are good. but I feel they merely scratch the surface.


on another note - L3 requires multiple passes, and all passes with full mind on them - to be able to understand the material in a whole some manner.


Also, spend money, don’t be pennywise pound foolish. A retake is much more costly, believe me.

Is it ok to buy last year’s materials? Perhaps, those passing may be oPen to selling

Some mock exams and old actual exams are freely available. And they are about as good as it gets for the final preparation, once you have studied all the subjects through and are getting into test mode.

Ordered Scheweser today. Dissapointed with the fact that it will not come with a USB stick of the additional videos for topics not covered by the Online Classes. They attributed it to “Customs Issues” but I think it was just to save a buck or two

But spending money on, for example, Schweser doesn’t guarantee a pass either.