2015 AM Exam

Are there any sections of this exam that are no longer relevant?


Question 3D is no longer in the curriculum.

The rest looks OK.

Question 8?

Q3 and Q8 are not relevant

Q2 part A and B are not relevant

My advice is try to take the whole exam without thinking of what’s relevant and what’s not. If you happen to run into something completely ridiculous that you are 100% sure you’ve never seen, skip it.

For example, in 2015 AM, IFT states that all of Q3 and Q8 are not relevant, and Q2 part A and B. In Q3 I agree, we’ve never seen mean-reversion analysis for bonds (part D) and part C needs some analysis but also I don’t believe we’ve had to look at similar examples. Part A and B however are pretty simply based on the curriculum.

Q2, I only found the second part of question A a bit confusing as I didn’t understand what exactly they were looking for, however, all of Q2 seems relevant to me.

Lastly, Q8 is actually pretty easy and relevant. (Annuities were covered, so is Human Capital and Life Insurance needs)