2015 Kaplan for 2016

Since only PM and Quant have only changed is it advisable to use the 2015 kaplan notes for the 2016 level 2 ?

They also deleted a fixed income section on ABS. But I think it should be fine to be honest, so long as you keep track of what has changed. I already have the 2015 Kaplan books myself, and I just have a list of sections that changed so that I know which sections I need to pay special attention to in the CFAI materials.

This shuld be a sticky post. I’m sure it gets asked every year around this time.

Also, if you want to save the money (which i’m not saying is a good or bad idea) you can always use last year’s guide and supplement new chapters with CFAI material. See changes on their site or here http://irfanullah.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Level-II-2015-2016-Program-Changes.pdf

by looking at LOS and CFAI books it would be good to go with the 2015 pack and refer the changed four readings from the CFAI books.