I didn’t pass Dec 2015 exams. Working towards June 2016. My question is that what could be the implications of using 2015 text for 2016 exam.

You should read the changes to the curriculum. I believe 9 sections from ABS from the 2015 level 2 curriculum have now been moved to the 2016 level 1 curriculum… there are some major changes for a few of the sections.

Thanks for your response. Kindly share the link where I can read the changes, to enable conclude on my approach to the exam.

https://www.apptuto.com/cfa-level-1-curriculum-changes-2016/ This link shows a considerable change in the LOS , should I be buying 2016 Kaplan material or the 2015 material would be fine? Can someone please help understand the quantam of change in the curriculum, cant make a head or tail!