2015 World Series - Royals vs. Mets

Anyone stay up for that crazy nonsense last night? What a game. Mets had two leads and blew them with their most reliable guys on the mound in Harvey and Familia. Gordon’s homer in the 9th was bananas.

Yadda yadda yadda, I’m very tired today.

Just to clarify is the whole world? … Or America?

I’m not going to get into why they named it the World Series like a hundred years ago. Does it really matter? There are a lot of foreign players in Major League Baseball if that makes you feel better.

That was very awesome. And I’m very tired.

Might go to the game tonight. Need to pull a Costanza and sleep under my desk for a while.

I passed out after the bottom of the 9th equalizer, but was a great game. Should be a good series!

Watched it. Couldn’t believe Familia blew that lead. Taking a red eye tomorrow night from LAX to JFK so I can go to Game 3 Friday night. Pretty excited to be at the first World Series game at Citi Field. Go Mets.

Watched up util the 5th inning.

That in the park homerun was insane.

Have been dragging ass at work today, but so glad I stayed up to watch. The Gordon homerun was awesome. I went to games 6 & 7 last year, and the results were not as desired (freaking Bumgarner). So, if the series makes it back to KC I’ll have to go again to get some redemption.

Hello fellow Kansas Citian.

Go Royals!

Long live the Montreal Expos, 2024 World Series champions.

Damn, between Harvey and deGrom they only combined for 4 strikeouts. This Royals lineup is something else. deGrom didn’t get a single fastball by anyone.

Shrewd move starting Cueto at home. Cespedes is a bum.

I don’t think this one is coming back home.

Me neither, and I’ll be 100% ok with that. Those guys are just crushing it right now, this one’s probably only going 5.


Ahahahaha Mets. Jesus lovin homophobe Daniel Murphy went from the GOAT to the goat pretty quickly.

They blew so many games they conceivably could have clinched the WS at home last night. Instead they lost the entire thing in front of a bunch of sad, pouting New Yorkers. How glorious.

Well that was awesome! 51 runs in the 7th inning or later during the post-season, just an incredible team that never quit. Ready for the parade tomorrow!

That was about as close as any 5 game series I have ever seen tbh. 2 extra innings games, exciting baseball thats for sure. Cheers to both teams, KC was really a treat to watch this post season!

Congrats to KC. Nice to see a small market team win it all.

Well, that was awesome.

Sounded like the city was exploding last night. Fireworks were going off for hours.