2016 AM Exam

I’m going to take the essay portion of the 2016 exam this weekend. Are there any sections that are no longer relevant?

I believe that 2B (yield change to eliminate a yield advantage) and 4 (using corner portfolios) are no longer in the curriculum.

Everything else looks like fair game.

Best of luck!

Thank you!

My pleasure.

S2000, I am a little confused - Corner Portfolio’s still appear in the curriculum? I noticed IFT completely took this question out too.

Do we not need to be able to determine the weights and tangental portfolio’s with corners or RF using leverage or no leverage?

My classroom study provider, Fitch, spent a lot of time in class going through this concept…


So, is that question 4 involving corner portfolios still relevant? I personally did not recognize the concept, but maybe it’s just something I missed.

Not to mention that 5C, rebalanceing techniques, also is very foreign to me

Corner portfolios are still relevant, but rebalancing techniques (Constant Mix, CPPI, et al) are not.