2016 AM mock exam and sample item sets

Does the CFA make these available to new candidates - anyone know where I can get copies please

You guy you are nuts… MR-STRESS, you just passed L2 on 26 July… Are you saying you have studied for L3 enough to attempt the 2016 AM Mock exam??? Now listen, there are no AM Mock exams;

1.CFA gives students access to real CFAI AM exams. The 2016 real exam questions and guideline answers will be out, for all CFA 2017 L3 students, in January 2017.

  1. Item set (PM) mocks can also be downloaded from the CFAI website.

I hope you are now stress-free!!!

Relax man. I myself also have the similar question after passing the level II ( however, I don’t post it in AF). After all, question is a question, no need to overcomplicate the meaning behind it.

I will ask moderators if we may open another Level 3 thread since this year candidates won’t get off.

You’d rather we all disappeared rather than stick around and try to help?

I would recommend looking at a couple past AM papers before starting to study. Gives you a bit of an idea of what they’re looking for. You really can’t spend too much time looking over sample answers and figuring out how to get your point across as quickly as possible.


I passed the June 2016 Level III exam.

I think you should acquire as much am/pm CFAI material as possible and, as someone once said on this forum, “Google is your friend”. You may want to start printing off and filing this material now, for use later, perhaps in spring 2017.

As a general comment, most of the relevant questions from older CFAI mock (pm) exams have now been distilled into the CFAI’s own question bank (designed for online use), which I think should become available to current candidates in early 2017.

To replicate the exam format, I liked working from paper copies of questions rather than seeing them on-screen, but that’s a personal preference. When using paper copies, I’d suggest not marking or highlighting the actual questions (so they can be tried again without bias), but highlighting key points in the solutions is probably a good idea. You may also want to write the key points on index cards to assist in memorization.

Good luck!


Too crowded here and there are some of us who have started studying.

Don’t mind Chizi, dude is totally off his rocker. But seriously, it’s way too early to start. You’ll easily eclipse 400+ hours total if you dive in now and try to spread it out.

Don’t worry dude. I can do 800 hours till June 2017 and maybe even more. I have some other duties this fall so I’m also creating a slack time. But at least I simply like it.

As previously noted, Chizi is a special case.

What are the rest of the Passed Level III/Charterholders saying that’s making it “too crowded”? Topics offering help on how to pass? Genuine questions on how to get their experience verified after working their butt off for the past few years? It has been exactly 7 days since results came out, which isn’t even as long as the two weeks we had to deal with way too eager L2 candidates inundating this board with nonsense while L3 takers were pulling their hair out because they had one or two boxes.

Well, on the other hand, the thread is saturated with multiple topics not only the same content but also the same title (eg. 1 - passed with 2,3,4 kids, eg. 2 - does my work experience count, etc.). I know you have to celebrate but not sure that this topic is applicable as a party place.

Also, if some of new l 3 candidate asks a question, an experienced veteran judge him in fact some of those veterans passed only closely and by n - th attempt.

It’s literally been 6 days…most don’t start studying in August for a June exam. Just relax and the forum will get back on track in a few short weeks.

^ Exactly. Notice how the L1 board is already dead? And that exam isn’t even that far off. You’ll get your wish soon enough.

thank you for helpful comments, Antigravity. That is what i have done, and i was just trying to establish if there are samples for pm equivalent to mocks am, and also a copy of 2016 am mock? I’m not planning to start studying for a few months, with the mocks to follow, but at least i can get the paperwork side ready for the big push . I also prefer working from paper- must be my age! Congrats on your pass

Hi Mr-Stress,

To clarify, there are no AM mock exams available from the CFAI, but they’ll probably make available PDF copies of the last three years actual AM papers, with solutions. You may be able to find older actual am exams/solutions online or perhaps colleagues will lend you theirs.

In modern times, the CFAI has never released actual Item Set (MCQ) exams. But, up until a couple of years ago they did provide at least one item-set mock exam (with solutions) each year which could be downloaded in PDF format. So, you may still be able to find older (<=2014) CFAI Item Set mocks online.

I also found that the 6 Schweser mock exams (in two books) are pretty good quality. With the exception of Reading #12 for 2017, there has been no significant change in the curriculum since the 2015 curriculum, so you could probably get good value by buying a used 2015 or 2016 edition from E-bay.

If you need more detail on any of this, just post a disposable email address here, and I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:

Hi anti-gravity - I sent you a PM with email address - thank you!