2016 CFA Level 3 Exam Official Results Thread

Good luck everyone

4 hours to go!! Yeah good luck all…

good luck everyone!!!

3 hours 55 minutes

Yup!!! 4hours now Tic Toc!! Best of Luck everyone!!

What you give comes back ground. The more you wish good for others, the more it comes back. So best wishes to all.

Good luck everyone. This was a sleepless night for me, I’m sure others are in the same boat.

wish u all the best!!!

All the best everyone!!!

All the best! And dont forget to post if you have one or two boxes along with results wink

Best of luck for all of you smiley

I am L3 candidate, but I can imagine the thrill and relief on passing L3. !!! Best of luck to all you guys. Hopefully one day I will be on the other side too.

Bonne chance a tous :slight_smile:

Almost 3 more hours good luck everyone. Hopefully we would all be done with our CFA for good.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Best of luck! We have a great bunch on this forum. I hope we all make it through.

This official results thread is ruined. You’re going to have to go to page 2-3 to start seeing results.

All the best! 2.5 hours to go…

Hahaha were you planning to print it out and frame it?


Last year’s was the same.

All the best everyone!

Ahh. Touche