2016 CFA Level 3 Study Flow


I am sorry if this has been asked before. But any suggestions on which topics to start with?

I always do Ethics at the end, I see that the first topic is Behavioral Finance which looks rather theoretical (read boring) to me. I am not sure if the topics after that are interrelated, so wanted some insights on the study schedule.

I think Behavioral Finance is the most interesting topic, so that’s a great topic for me to start with.

In the order of books is a safe way to start. Typically becuase, in level 3, stuffs are inter related and going in sequence helped me. (of course keeping Ethics and GIPS for last).

You need to start with having a break. It’s still early August man. Relax.


You can skip Behavioural Finance if you want to. But i would say start rest of the topics in sequence as they are inter-related.

This is the best suggestion I have seen!!! I couldn’t even imagine getting started yet. I am enjoying freedom soo much!!!

start with GIPS. memorize everything now.

some people say start with fixed but I found that they exaggerate the difficulty of that topic. Just go in order and take a break.

Behavioural Finance. It’s a soft and interesting topic – and will make for a gentle introduction before you get into the more heavier lifting.

Just got the curriculum today, 5kg of L3 goodness winkgoing to start reading it from tomorrow, at leisure, and keep ethics for the last, so that I don’t forget it when the exams come close

Why so early?

High chances are you’ll burn out, lose motivation and forget everything you learned early on.

over 1000 pages less than L2 :slight_smile:

Aww okk! This is, actually, the first time I’m purchasing hard copies of the curriculum (I was managing with VitalSource and Kaplan/Elan for L1 and L2), so was actually surprised to see them looking a little smaller than I had imagined them to be. So the curriculum IS smaller than the previous levels, and I wasn’t imagining it :slight_smile:

Fair point, but something always comes up between January and March which breaks my study flow, and I end up having to study some of the old stuff again before continuing from where I left. Besides, like other Charterholders seem to be saying, I feel more motivated for L3 than I was for L2 because I’m just 1 exam away from being a Charterholder myself

150 bucks but substantially less paper as compared to L2. I want my money back. Damn cheaters.

I am starting with behavioral finance and will take my time to read through, but plan to review with Anki / flashcards. Please let me know if there is anyone out there who want to swap flashcards or is willing to share them.

Question here to my country fella Mace: Zurich, Zug, Pfäffika or Geneva? I don’t work in Finance, so for me its Zurich. Fancy a lunch at some point, to catch up?

You need to take a break, It’s just August for god’s sake,.You have 10 months till the exam!!!