2016 - hottest year on record

2016 hottest year on record. 2015 was #2. 2014 was #3.


You know what Paris Hilton would say about that…


saw that flash on my screen earlier. not worried until ghibli starts worrying

71 where I am today right now in the south - can’t complain

we’ve had our differences but i love you hashtag.

talk about a dated reference wow… well done

^ Whatever happened to Paris? We don’t hear about her anymore.

I believe she does regular DJ gigs in Ibiza during the summers, which has lead many to announce the death of the island as a dance music mecca

^Don’t worry, DJ Pauly D has made up for it…

^Don’t worry, DJ Pauly D has made up for it…

I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement of critically acclaimed film “House of Wax”.

Thanks Obama

you didn’t say no homo.